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    Engine Repair & Fault Diagnosis

    The engine is undoubtedly the most important and intricate part of your vehicle. If the oil is leaking that means your engine needs repair. To ensure smooth functioning of your vehicle, you must get your…

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  • Break-repair

    Brake Repair

    Does your car wobble when you speed up? Do you hear a grind or squeak when you hit the brakes of your car? Does your steering wheel feel shaky and brake pedal movement stalled? That…

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  • aaaaa

    Exhaust Repairs

    If your vehicle has become noisy, or you smell gasoline, or you are unable to expedite smoothly or the fuel efficiency has gone down, then there is a probability that your vehicle’s exhaust system needs…

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  • engine-banner

    Cooling System Repairs

    At Plumpton autos, we have a team of skilled technicians to offer cooling system repair services to our customers at affordable prices.

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