• The front wheel of the car was removed to repair the brake system, Automotive industry and garage concepts.

    Suspension & Steering Repairs

    Do you hear a noise in your car while driving on rough roads or feel something is wrong with the handling? If yes, then there might be a problem with your vehicle’s suspension.

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  • Log Book Servicing

    Log Book Servicing

    Every car comes with its own log book service manual specifying the times services are to be performed at, as well as the type of service. If your vehicle is still under warranty, then our…

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  • tuv-rheinland-vehicle-inspection

    Registration Inspections

    We are a registered E-Safety check station and therefore we offer our customers with registration inspections, which means we provide them

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  • Minor Electrical Repair & Diagnosis

    Minor Electrical Repair & Diagnosis

    One of the essential systems of a vehicle is its electrical system. If you are experiencing any difficulties with electronically

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