We offer a large range of light truck tyres at low prices so you get the best deal. Light truck tyres are built for heavy vehicles and heavy loads. These types of tyres are built differently than Passenger Tyres – they’re built with more material and have sturdier sidewalls to handle the weight of the vehicle. Plumpton Autos offer a wide range of light truck tyres that are usually reinforced with strengthened sidewalls so that they are able to transport heavier loads over long distances. They have markings on the tyre sidewall to inform the driver of their additional weight capabilities.

The term “Light Truck” covers a great variety of vehicles, such as vans, SUV and light-duty pickup trucks. This is one of the reasons why the tyres are labelled in many ways. It is also important for you to know what size of tyre your vehicle requires. Our team of expert technicians help you with the queries and give satisfactory solutions to all your tyre-related doubts.

Our light truck range gives you the ultimate in off-road strength and performance. In addition to being reliably tough and durable, our range includes tyres for every working situation and seasons. Moreover, our range of light truck tyres has a more aggressive pattern with stronger sidewalls and better protection from sidewall damage. In addition, they also have cut and chip resistance that helps in giving substantially better traction on wet slippery roads.

So, whether you are driving on smooth plains or transporting goods to rough terrain, our range of light truck tyres will work just well for your vehicle, offering you a smooth ride. If you have questions, you can always call our tyre experts or visit us personally. We will help you find which type of tyres you need and can show you plenty of options that work for your vehicle’s requirements, and the purpose you use your vehicle for.


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